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Having Your Senior Physical Exam: 5 Benefits

Having Your Senior Physical Exam: 5 Benefits

Quality health care can still be provided even when the patient is at home. This is a principle we hold and believe at Infinity Visiting Physicians. We recognize that there are patients, such as bedbound individuals or seniors with mobility issues, who may find it extra troubling to visit their doctor in their clinics. They still deserve quality health care. To them, our visiting physicians in Farmington Hills, Michigan are ready to serve.

The need to have visiting physicians are mostly for seniors who may find it very challenging to personally come to their doctor’s office. However, a senior person’s overall health needs to be monitored especially through routine procedures as the physical exam. Just how essential are these exams, you might want to know.

We’ve rounded up a quick guide of the benefits of physical exams for seniors:

  1. Medical Screening
    Your aging loved one will be screened for possible medical issues that may be at their earliest stages. These issues need to be spotted early on to avoid surprise complications, which may have otherwise been preventable in the early stage. With proper screening, your senior loved one can stay updated with their health status.
  2. Evaluates Health Risks
    Your senior loved one also needs to be regularly evaluated with their health condition particularly if they have pre-existing ailments. Their physicians will determine if your loved one needs additional medication, change of lifestyle, or regular assistance from a provider of home health aide services. The more risks are reduced, the better for your loved one.
  3. Encourages to Pursue the Healthy Lifestyle
    Physicians also know the ideal lifestyle for your loved one at their particular age. They can advise for what healthy meals to prepare, activities to pursue, and even what sleeping pattern to follow. If you want your loved one to stay active, you can also take this time to ask their doctor to prescribe such activity so they will truly comply.
  4. Get Updated on Vaccinations
    Certain vaccines must be administered repeatedly. One of these is the flu vaccine. A senior’s immunity can be strengthened with these vaccinations especially that in their age, their immune system is already declining. The doctor can ensure that your loved one is duly protected from vaccine-preventable diseases.
  5. Get Access to Your Doctor During Emergencies
    When you’re regularly meeting up with your physician, a doctor-client relationship can have strengthened. This relationship is very essential when you need to consult the physician during emergency situations.

Do you now see the importance of regularly meeting with your doctor? As a healthcare provider in Michigan, we advocate for quality health care even when the patient is at home. If you find it difficult to personally visit your doctor at the clinic, our doctors will visit you at home instead.

Are you interested to know more about this service? We can fill you in with more details at Infinity Visiting Physicians.

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